Postgraduate studies

A postgraduate qualification is a vital commitment that requires enthusiasm in your chosen subject and dedication. It is considered the next step of your professional ladder and allows you to specialise in your field, giving you the opportunity to enhance seniority within a company. Additionally, a postgraduate degree can make you stand out in the competitive graduate market.

With our excellent student support services, brilliant sports and leisure facilities and rich diversity, you can be sure that your postgraduate experience at the University of Hertfordshire will be second to none.

The School of Engineering and Technology offers a wide choice of taught campus based Master's degree courses as well as work-based postgraduate degrees, and a comprehensive research degrees portfolio. The work-based postgraduate degrees include work-based Master's and Engineering Doctorate.

Our areas of study include:

Other degrees include:

Why study a postgraduate degree?

There are many reasons for considering postgraduate study at the University of Hertfordshire.

Perhaps you:

  • want to continue to specialize in your chosen subject?
  • want to gain further professional recognition towards your CEng status?
  • want to enter industry/business at a higher level?
  • want to pursue research leading to Doctoral qualification later on?
  • want to stand out in the graduate market having shown masterly achievement through postgraduate studies?

Whatever the reason, some employers place great value in the advanced knowledge and skills developed in a postgraduate course.

They may also conclude that doing further study demonstrates determination to succeed in the chosen career area and that the candidate is prepared to undertake further training.

We offer a number of different study patterns that might possibly fit in with your particular lifestyle and career plans.

These range from a taught on campus full time and part time programme to a Work Based Professional Engineering programme developed individually within the workplace.

How to apply

If you are interested in studying for one of these degree programmes, and would like to apply for a place, you can use the University of Hertfordshire Online Application System.

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to the University of Hertfordshire.

Your future career

If you are ambitious and excited by cutting-edge technology and rapid developments, then you could join the vast number of our graduates who work in a stimulating career.

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