Racing car simulator

Get 'real' race car experience at the School of Engineering and Technology with exposure to leading-edge Formula One technology in our full 6 DOF motion simulator.

Our race car simulator has the ability to model any car and put a 'Driver in the Loop'.

You will be using the race car simulator from your first year as a student to validate your car models and set-up theories.

Automotive analysis

The race car simulator will also allow you to practise your analysis skills in a real-time environment.

The pit wall of the simulator is based on F1. It has been modelled for:

  • telemetry
  • data analysis
  • modelling
  • driver coaching

Racecar experience

Cutting-edge technology

Hands-on experience gained at the automotive/racing car simulator will allow you to compete for some of best jobs in motorsport and the automotive industry. This facility is unique outside of F1. The simulator is normally used to train F1 teams.

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