Specialist facilities in the School of Engineering and Technology

We have a wide range of specialist facilities at the School of Engineering and Technology.

On-campus facilities

As a student, you will gain plenty of hands-on experience during your studies. Our laboratories range from general to specialist areas and include:

Flight simulators

A number of in-house designed and commercial flight simulators housed in this laboratory will provide our students with flying experience in a variety of aircraft including aircraft they have designed as part of their studies. This facility is used for both pre-flight checks as well as in-flight take-off, navigation, and landing.

Automobile simulator and 4 post vehicle dynamic rig

Get 'real' driving experience using different powertrain dynamic/models and road/track profiles on our race car simulator. The students on the specialist pathways will also have the opportunity to track test their designs/models on this leading-edge full 6 DOF motion Formula One simulator.Find out more about our race car simulator.

System-on-Chip (FPGA) laboratory

Premier EDA solutions teamed up with Altium have sponsor the System-on-Chip facility in the School. All students on Electronics, Communications and Electrical and Smart and Digital Technologies areas of study will be provided with the full design, simulation and layout software that can be used on and off-campus for the duration of their study.

Formula Student (FS) car workshop

This is a facility dedicated to those students working on the Formula Student project. This workshop houses the necessary tools and equipment to allow design, model and build a Formula Student car. University of Hertfordshire teams have regularly ranked in the top 10 of the UK and international Formula Student team events.

Smart Systems Laboratory

This is a newly commissioned facility that is designed around interactive-intelligent Audio-Visual units (TVs), connected devices and mobile computing and communication platforms (tablets).

This facility enables the users to experiment and develop solutions for remotely connected systems for automation applications, deploy intelligent and tether-less sensors for assisted living applications, and incorporate intelligent sensing and monitoring for better utility management and efficient use of energy.

Find out more about the Smart Systems Laboratory.

Wind Tunnels

The School proudly boasts its heritage in Aerospace by housing and maintaining a series of wind tunnels (including supersonic) in support of student experience in modelling, design, analysis, and fabrication of aerodynamic parts for both Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Watch British no.1 downhill skateboarding champion, Pete Connolly, fine-tuning his skills in our wind tunnel.

Telecommunications Laboratory

This laboratory supports wired, wireless, optical communications systems as well as smart antenna, mobile/cellular telephony and EMC applications. This is a modern and relevant facility that is the focal point of student experience studying Electronics, Communications and Electrical and Smart and Digital Technologies areas of study.

Media Technology and Digital Broadcast Laboratory

This facility complements the Telecommunications and the Smart Systems Laboratory. This facility supports audio and video integration and authoring of multimedia artifacts.

Various broadcast standards and signals of varying quality facilitate experiments in acquisition, transmission, storage and manipulation of audio and video signals. A blue-room facility allows for small scale capture and superposition of images in real-time.

Materials Testing Laboratory

This laboratory facilitates test and measurement of various materials properties and is supported by a recently purchased scanning electron microscope.

Aero Structures and Rocketry Laboratory

This is a newly established and refurbished space that houses the rocket test cell and various aircraft parts and systems in support of the students on the Aerospace area of study.

Manufacturing and fabrication workshop

This is a modern workshop equipped with CNC machines and various digital/computer controlled fabrication tools. This facility is used extensively by students on Aerospace, Automotive and Mechanical areas of study.

Dedicated student projects laboratory

This is a dedicated final year projects facility equipped with PCs and test and measurement equipment.

Final year, MEng and MSc students can use this facility throughout their project, ensuring continuity and support for their chosen activity. The facilities provided in this laboratory will enable design, construction and implementation of electronic as well as small scale electro-mechanical projects.


Business and industry can also hire our engineering facilities to support their development needs.