Welcome to the School

Dr Rodney Day, Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science

Rodney DayWelcome to the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire.

Engineering and Computer Science influences all aspects of our lives and helps provide and maintain the modern high technology world that drives economies and society. At the same time there are many exciting career opportunities for successful graduates.

As the Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, I am tremendously proud of the University's rich history in both disciplines. Our School focuses on equipping students with the technological and scientific skills to tackle the real-world challenges faced in both.

No matter the subject areas you choose to study, you'll be learning from experts with experience of applying advances technology in the real world. Our courses are designed to reflect the latest industry knowledge and are taught using facilities with industry-standard equipment. Depending on what you choose to study, you will have access to flight and driving simulators, water jet cutters, 3D printing technology, materials testing facilities, electronic smart system labs as well as specialist computing labs. Giving our students real, hands-on experience is at the heart of what we do in the School and students taking part in work placements is a key part of this.

I studied Civil Engineering here in the late 1980s and have worked at the interface of engineering and computer science during much of my career. As an Engineer, I'm aware of just how much the fundamentals of computer science underpin a safe, vibrant and productive society, from cyber-security in our buildings and telecoms systems to the electronics and computing requirements needed in today's aeroplanes.

You will certainly have to work hard, but we believe that Engineering and Computer Science should also be fun. We aim to give you all the help and support you need to ensure that your time with us is successful, fulfilling and enjoyable.