Doctorate in Education (EdD)

The Doctorate in Education (EdD) offers the opportunity for those with an enthusiasm for learning and developing their practice to gain the highest level of professional qualification available in the field.

What is an EdD?

Apply for an EdD and work on a research-based programme focused on the development of professional practice.

You will work at doctorate level on issues or problems of direct relevance to your professional interests and institutional concerns, bringing significant benefit to the organisation in which you work.

The programme is intended for professionals with an education or training function from public sector or commercial/business organisations, such as:

  • health professionals
  • social workers
  • staff working in inter-agency settings
  • teachers
  • trainers and consultants

This was one of the most enjoyable periods in my life. I loved every second and learned so much. All of the team are fantastic and I have made some lovely, like minded, friends while studying, working and writing.

Dr Mary Simpson - EdD 2017 graduate

Exploring accounting students’ interaction with their assessment feedback in a UK post-92 university

What is the format for research and study?

A series of study days are organised every two months in two-day blocks and single days (including Saturdays), supervisory meetings, e-learning support and University of Hertfordshire Researcher Development Programme sessions.

This programme has a strong cohort experience and attendance at the bimonthly study days is compulsory.

During the study days, which are led by the EdD team, students develop research skills, approaches and themes in a supportive context.

These are designed to facilitate shared and collaborative learning.

The EdD team includes professionals with a wide range of expertise at the forefront of education and social enquiry.

I am near the end of my EdD project and looking back I can see how much my thinking developed during the programme in no small part due to the learning atmosphere that interaction with staff, fellow students, and guest speakers, fostered. Not an easy path but well worth it.

Dr Tom Pine - EdD 2017 graduate

Preparation for the novel crisis: A curriculum and pedagogy for emergent crisis leadership

What sort of topic should I focus on?

Recent topics researched by EdD students include:

  • Children’s service professionals
  • Educational policy, democracy and leadership
  • Embodied practice and social and emotional wellbeing in educational and NHS settings
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurialism practice-based research, including arts-informed approaches
  • Feedback on assessed work
  • Globalisation and higher education
  • Pedagogy in a changing world, including science, maths and music education
  • Professional learning and development, including mentoring and organisational change
  • Body, movement and dance in psychotherapy

The Educational Doctorate was an invaluable experience that invigorated my educational practices, and provided an engaging but significant challenge that greatly promoted my further personal and professional growth. I am a better educator and an enriched person for having undertaken this course programme.

Dr David Turner - EdD 2017 graduate

Surfing the turbulence: Fluctuations in self-perceptions of expertise in the long term developmental journeys of expert-like male sports coaches

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