Hire our creative facilities

If you have a project which requires access to specialist equipment, our state of the art studios, technical resources and other facilities are available for hire.

Film and TV Studios

Our film and TV facilities feature a four-camera space with a composite studio floor and full lighting rig enclosed by drapes and a green screen. The studio has a control suite with vision, sound and lighting mixers and a small green room. Equipment includes a range of microphones, booms, dollies, tracks, cranes and steadycams.

The fixed facilities are supplemented by location equipment, including HDV cameras, location monitors, disc recorders, microphone tripods and lighting kits.

Film & TV Post-production

This suite provides Apple computers connected to dual screens with video input and output devices. It runs integrated Final Cut Pro which includes editing picture and sound as well as DVD authoring and production.

Dubbing Suites

We have a series of sound dubbing and monitoring suites which incorporate mixing desks, video and audio playback (surround sound) as well as foley materials, microphones, players and peripherals.

Recording Studios

Studio 1 is a 24 track recording facility with a control room housing a 'solid state logic' mixing console and 4.1 surround sound monitoring system. Studio 2 is a 32 channel, digital Yamaha O2R desk with control and live room for ensembles of 3 to 4 players.

Two music suites are also available for hire, with Macintosh computers facilitating digital mixing, recording, sampling and composing. We have a range of up-to-date software programmes available and a full range of industry standard applications.

We always provide support from a highly qualified engineer.

Photography Studio

Two photography studios are available for hire, both of which house lighting rigs and drapes as well as backgrounds that can be used to create a variety of different backdrops to suit your needs. The studios are ideal for the shooting of both still images and video-based work.

We always provide support from a highly qualified engineer.

Rapid Proto-typing

This facility has a range of equipment linked to computers, for digitally controlled output. Solid and freeform models can be produced, as well as accurate 3D models of existing forms which can be modified, manipulated and rendered before they are output as an animation or a 3D print. A range of materials can also be cut and engraved.

Laser Cutting

An Evolution 30watt air cooled laser cuts paper, card and plastics up to 6mm thick and can engrave on a range of materials from paper to stone. This facility also has a Microscribe digitizing arm which allows you to create accurate 3D models of existing forms - these can be modified, manipulated (reverse engineered) and rendered, before they are output as animations or 3D prints.

The facility has a virtual sculpting tool that allows the user to create and manipulate complex organic and geometric 3D objects that can also be machined or output to print.

The 3D Suite

This facility runs fifty 8 core i7 PCs with a standard package of Adobe Master suite CS4 software. It also supports specialist digital 3D Design & Modelling activities which use programmes such as Solid Works and Rhino for 3D modelling, and the spatial design package Vector Works.

Digital Imaging and Fashion Computing

This facility has  computers with a range of software for image making, multimedia production, and web authoring, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, Dreamweaver and Flash.

This facility also has Gerber software suite for design, pattern making and grading.

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For more information about hiring our facilities for away days, please contact Nick Thomas.

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