Our services for business

How we can help

We offer a number of services to industry:

  • E-learning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Research expertise
  • Software development
  • Software tool evaluation
  • Teaching laboratories
  • Training and Continued Professional Development
  • Usability design and evaluation

Software development

We  have an extensive range of experience in developing stand-alone and  web-based software systems using technologies such as: Microsoft .NET,  Java, Oracle, UML, ASP and PHP, Microsoft Access, VBA, on Windows and  Linux platforms.


We  have substantial experience in the development of e-learning materials  and technologies, and in the use of Managed and Blended Learning  Environments. We have dedicated e-learning technologists who support  whole programmes of study. Our work here includes a recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with OnTrack.

Teaching laboratories

We  have a wide range of teaching labs, all equipped with up-to-date  hardware and software. This includes a 60-seater air-conditioned lab  with large OHP displays.

Requirements analysis

We have  undertaken a number of requirements analysis projects with companies  including a KEEPs project with Isabel Hospice. KEEPs have know been  replaced with Short Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (SKTPs).

Usability design and evaluation

We have considerable experience in the design and evaluation of the usability of software systems, including web applications.

Software tool evaluation

We  have undertaken evaluations of software tools, the most recent being an  evaluation of requirements management tools as part of a recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with 1Spatial in Cambridge.

Training and Continued Professional Development

The  School offers online degree programmes and modules to assist employers  and employees with their Continued Professional Development.

Research expertise

We offer a wide range of research expertise from which we can draw for our commercial services. Read more about research within the School of Computer Science.

For more information about any of our services contact us.