KTP clients

Knowledge Transfer Programmes (KTPs)

KTPs are an excellent funding mechanism for companies to work with Universities on a project that has competitive, strategic value to the partnering company. The School has successfully secured funding for several recent partnerships, which include:

1Spatial Ltd (formerly “Laser-Scan”)

Provides solutions to companies with large spatial databases. The School of Computer Science is partnering with 1Spatial on a two-year project to further improve their requirements management processes, including the evaluation and adoption of a new requirements management tool.

Executive Grapevine International Ltd.

A publishing company that specialises in the talent management industry. Executive Grapevine’s products range from annual directories, online data, a monthly magazine and an events division. Since its inception in 1979 the company's strategy and product development has been entrepreneurial in design and implementation. The School of Computer Science is partnering with Executive Grapevine on a two-year project to improve its database management systems and Web interfaces.

Heales Medical Ltd

A leading provider of Occupational Health Services to organisations of all sizes. The School has partnered with Heales to develop a web-based application allowing individual client organisations to manage the provision of Heales’ occupational health services to their client’s employees. This system was developed using a range of industry-strength open source software.

International Labmate Ltd

Publishes several laboratory technology magazines and sells advertising space in those magazines. The School has worked with International Labmate to develop an online compliment to the published magazines, including online ordering of items.

On-Track Ltd

Helps organisations resource the right people, with the right skills, motivate, retain and optimise their talent. The School of Computer Science is working with OnTrack to manage the development of e-Learning and Blended Learning solutions.

Software Measurement Services Ltd (SMS)

A specialist, independent consultancy working with decision makers in blue chip companies and government departments. SMS works with clients to improve the performance of the clients’ processes and, through that improvement, to maximise value delivered by the client. The School of Computer Science is partnering with SMS on a two-year project to improve the capabilities of SMS, particularly through the exploitation of SMS’s intellectual assets.

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