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Knowledge East of England Partners (KEEPs) are a compact version of KTPs, and typically last six months in duration.

KEEPs  are part-funded by the East of England Development Agency and are only  available to organisations and companies based in the East of England.

The School of Computer Science has successfully secured two recent KEEPs:

Extent Software Ltd

Extent  Software Ltd Is developing a network collaboration tool that lets  organisations and agencies communicate instantly, securely and with a  full audit trail for accountability. The School of Computer Science is  working with Extent on this project, using the Microsoft .NET Framework  Release 2, with Workflow Management.

Isabel Hospice

Isabel  Hospice provides palliative care to patients with terminal cancer, and  their families. The School of Computer Science is undertaking a needs  analysis for Isabel Hospice to identify opportunities to improve and  extent their use of IT. Heales Medical Ltd. promotes the 'No Diet' diet.

Other projects

Action Software Systems

The  School of Computer Science provide development services, product  installation, maintenance contracts and technical support for Action  Software Systems.

AKOS Clinical Development Ltd

The School added additional functionality to existing legacy database systems.

East of England Museums, Libraries, and Archives Council (EEMLAC) (“Source-East”)

The  School developed a web portal to support collaborations and information  sharing between the various museums, libraries and archives in the East  of England.

EEDA Proof of Concept

The School provides experts to assist EEDA in assessing applications to EEDA’s Proof of Concept funding scheme.

Enfield Borough Council

The  School of Computer Science conducted a four-month investigation into  information sharing issues within the local strategic partnership. The  investigation extended across several agencies including:

  • The Learning Skills Council
  • Enfield Primary Care Trust
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • Middlesex University

Enfield Drug Action Team

The  School of Computer Science conducted an investigation into information  sharing amongst agencies in relation to the Enfield Drug Action Team,  identifying information needs and recommending improvements in  information sharing practices.

FIT Corporation

The  School of Computer Science developed a database and website to support  publicity and questionnaire administration, including provision of  results and feedback to individuals and companies.


We  have an on-going project with GNER to develop and maintain interfaces  to their Railway Carriage Westinghouse and EBAKS air conditioning units.  This involves programming of real-time systems, RS232 communication  protocols, and interfacing with legacy software and hardware systems.

Hertfordshire Drug Action Team – Arrest Referral Evaluation

The  School undertook a survey-based analysis (by questionnaire and  telephone) of police and other custody officers, drug workers, drug  agencies and clients in Hertfordshire, in order to assess the overall  effectiveness of drug referral on arrest.

Hertfordshire Prosperity Forum / Hertfordshire Observatory

The  School developed a web portal that would allow regional government  agencies to share data with each other. The site was developed using the  E-Government Metadata Standard (e-GMS) developed by the UK government.

The  site included a GIS-based system that allowed the user to compare data  within particular districts of Hertfordshire. Hosting and support for  the web portal was subsequently transferred into Environment Department  at Hertfordshire County Council.

Lambda Photometrics

Lambda  Photometrics supply optical equipment. The School worked with Lambda to  develop an online ordering system to support the company’s sales  process and other services.

Restaurant Innovations

A  start-up company developing innovative software and hardware solutions  to the restaurant market. The School is supporting Restaurant  Innovations in the development, testing and operation of those systems.

Roche Products Ltd

The  School developed a system to support the automated scheduling of  quality assurance inspections of various facilities, and generate  reports on the outcome of those inspections.

Stevenage County Council

The  School of Computer Science undertook a maintenance project to correct a  number of faults in a legacy Microsoft Access database system.

The Health and Safety Executive

The School developed a web front-end to support data entry into the QUAD Quality Assurance System.

The National Pharmaceuticals Association

The  School developed a computer system to support the Association’s  training department in the maintenance of the Association’s NVQ  provision. The system recorded and monitored student details, grades,  transfer between programmes, allocation of tutors, allocation of  facilities for open days, and mail outs.

Xerox International Software Operations

The  School of Computer Science worked with Xerox International Software  Operations to improve the efficiency of global working practice across  distributed, global projects.

University of Hertfordshire

The  School had undertaken substantial software projects internal to the  University. These include work for: The University Careers Service, the  Academic Quality Office, the SMIRK product, The Research Office, and the  University Admissions Service.

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