Undergraduate business courses

Choose from a wide variety of undergraduate business courses here at the Hertfordshire Business School.

CourseUCAS Code(s)Can study a language?
AccountingN400, NR49, N4T9Yes
Accounting & FinanceNN43No
Business AdministrationN252, N251Yes
Business EconomicsL112Yes
EconomicsL101, L1R9, L1T9Yes
Event ManagementN820, N8R9, N8T9Yes
FinanceN300, N301, N302Yes
Human Resource ManagementN600, N6R9, N6T9Yes
IT Management for Business (ITMB)GN52, GN6F, GN7FYes
International BusinessN120, N9R1, NCT9Yes
International Tourism ManagementN830, N831, N832Yes
Tourism ManagementN800, N9R8, N9T8Yes

Courses combining more than one subject

We also offer the following combined degrees which can lead to some very interesting career opportunities. These subject do not allow you to study a language.

CourseUCAS Code
Accounting and EconomicsNL41
Advertising and Digital MarketingN595
Business and AccountingNN4D
Business and FinanceNN13
Business Studies with Information SystemsN150
Business Studies with Leadership and ManagementN151
Business and Event ManagementNN1V
Business and MarketingNN1M
Business and Human ResourcesNN1P
Business and TourismN1N8
Event Management and MarketingNN8M
Event Management and TourismN891
Finance and EconomicsL1N3

Level 6 Direct Entry (Top Up)

Sandwich degrees

Choosing a sandwich degree means your degree will take 4 years instead of 3 and you get the added benefits of choosing to take a work placement, or studying abroad with one of our 170 partner institutions in Europe, North America, South America, the Asia Pacific and Australia.

You can also choose to combine both with 6 months of work and 6 months of study.

Both of these opportunities can really boost your employability on graduation.

Student support

We offer a range of support services to our Business School students, including our Centre for Academic Skills Enhancement, Student Support and Guidance Service, Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service and Study Abroad Office, which are all in addition to the University-wide student support services.