Centre for Executive Leadership (CExL)

The Centre for Executive Leadership (CExL) at Hertfordshire Business School offers a transformational experience that puts leadership excellence at the heart of organisational development.

At CExL, our key focus is on supporting the development of critical skills for personal and organisational growth and success, and we offer a learning experience that is closely related to understanding and addressing key challenges and opportunities in the workplace. We take a responsive approach where we work closely with business professionals to increase strategic capability and to increase their ability contribute to organisational outcomes.

Employers can:

  • develop transformational leaders across the organisation, bringing leadership to life.
  • access applied learning that is directly related to challenges that managers are facing in the workplace.
  • connect leadership development with the strategic intentions of the organisation.

Employees can:

  • develop practical leadership skills that enhance confidence and personal credibility.
  • support the development of key skills to deal with complex working environments and uncertainty.
  • prepare for leadership responsibility and develop key skills for effective team-working.

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Our upcoming events 
Centre for Executive Leadership: MBA Masterclass 8 February 2019
Centre for Executive Leadership:  Exploring Reflective Leadership22 February 2019
Executive Leadership: MBA Masterclass15 March 2019
Executive Leadership: MBA Showcase24 May 2019

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Our programmes

We offer a range of development opportunities in management and leadership, from breakfast briefings, intensive one day workshops, short courses, professional qualifications and executive masters programmes.

Our open programmes and events provide a friendly and accessible environment to network, learn and share best practice with professionals, business owners, industry experts and academics from from a wide range of organisations and industries.