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Helping your business, helping our students

Three students look at their workHertfordshire Business School is proud of its strong links with the local small business community, and part of our active engagement involves businesses, staff and students working closely on LIVE curricula projects. We need businesses to come forward with LIVE challenges where an individual or a team of students, supervised by the tutor, can work with you for between 3 - 6 months.

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Opportunities currently available

Winning Herts & MindsBusiness mentors are invited to join teams of students working on a live 'hackathon' project as part of their degree assessments.
Hertfordshire Career Mentoring Scheme

The Hertfordshire Career Mentoring scheme is an opportunity for our business contacts and our alumni community to share time and expertise to final year students and recent alumni. As a mentor you will be allocated to a mentee (up to 3 mentees) that match your profile. We will support you with formal mentoring guidance, with mentoring webinars and a helpline, and you will be asked to informally connect with your mentee to support them with their career development, and wider personal and professional development.

Individual consulting project

Do you have a supply chain, operations, data mining or other project requiring data analysis?  Do you require some expert input?

We are looking for organisations from across different sectors (e.g. retail, healthcare, logistics, pharmaceutical, charities etc) to work with us, utilising our students to analyse data. The organisation would provide the data and a project manager/sponsor who would work on the project with us.

The students will be supervised by expert academics and the outcome would be full feedback of the findings and recommendations, plus a 15,000 word report and presentations.

Start date: November 2018
Finish date: September 2019

Advanced Integrated Marketing Internships

To co-create a suitable business project based around an internship benefiting both the business and the student. The individual students work with the business on a one day a week basis, over the winter and spring term.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

To give student teams (maximum 2 persons) an opportunity to either work on a new product/service concept from a small business, or come up with their own ideas for a new product/service concept.

Business Analysis

To provide opportunities for our MBA students to work with entrepreneurial business leaders, analysing their current business model and then co-creating new opportunities to bring new business to the enterprise.

Benefits for your business

Projects are available in Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes, so a variety of themes/challenges can be considered. We will align your resource requirements with the right study programme and team. Working with students contributes to the ‘revolving door’ of business education, where you and your business can gain new insights and perspectives, as well as a much-needed resource.

Benefits can include:

  • Evaluation of current business model
  • Generation of market research
  • Production of a marketing communications plan
  • Access to high-calibre degree students and academic staff
  • Engagement opportunities to other resources and activities in the Business School

Benefits for our students

Transforming business students from being effective learners into professionals ready for the business workplace is a key objective for us, and LIVE action learning through business consultancy and internships is a valuable tool to transfer learning from the classroom to the real world.