Corporate Degrees

A fresh approach to address the challenges of the future

As  the world of work and graduate education market undergo dramatic changes, securing and retaining the best-qualified staff will be  increasingly important in supporting your organisation’s future.

Employing graduates can be an expensive and time-consuming process. So it is vital that the staff you recruit have the right skills, attitude and fit with your organisation.

To address these challenges, we have created an approach that allows you to:

  • Grow top talent by recruiting straight from school and then develop them the  way you want – in a fast and cost-effective way. Your new recruit can  obtain the degree they aspire to. And you get a graduate who can make an  immediate difference.
  • Support existing employees who have been with your organisation for a number of years but whose potential could be enhanced through gaining formal qualifications.

What are Corporate Degrees?

Corporate Degrees are designed to meet the specific needs of your company, accredited and delivered through the University of Hertfordshire. They enable you to provide your staff with exactly the right skills, knowledge and understanding of your company.

We design the Corporate Degree with you to meet your company’s requirements, combining the subject areas you need, using case study material from your company, and designing assessments and reflective tasks to help the students embed the theoretical learning from the course in the practicalities of working for your organisation.

Delivery can be carried out off-site, on-site or in multiple locations, work-based or a combination, face-to-face or online, daytime, evening or weekends.

Benefits of a Corporate Degree

For your organisation:

  • Knowledge, skills and understanding tailored to your needs
  • Work-ready graduates steeped in the culture and work ethic of your company
  • Increased staff retention rates
  • Excellent publicity opportunities for your company

For your employees:

  • A degree, work experience and a job
  • An income while studying, with tuition fees paid for by the employer
  • Value to existing employees with experience

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