Sport and physical activity at the University of Hertfordshire

Be a part of HertSquad, whether you are a beginner or a serious competitor, getting active is a great way to make friends, stay fit and enhance student life at the University of Hertfordshire.

Sport facilities

Our vibrant Sports Village offers some of the best university sports facilities in the UK.

Based at the de Havilland Campus, Hertfordshire Sports Village is open to students and the community offering a range of facilities from the gym, swimming pool, group exercise classes, racquet sports, climbing wall, not to mention vast outdoor facilities.

The Oval is home to a state-of-the-art 50 station gym, available for use exclusively by University of Hertfordshire students and staff. Located conveniently on College Lane and with 24 hour opening, you can train whenever it suits you.

About HertSquad

Congratulations on getting your place at Herts – you are now part of HertSquad!

HertSquad is your hub for sport and active lifestyles during your time at the University of Hertfordshire. It’s the best way to meet like-minded people, have fun and enhance your time at the University.

Staying active during your time at University is proven to aid you on your degree journey by making you happier, healthier and increasing brain activity. We are committed and believe that taking part in physical activity can enhance your student experience. We want to nourish your existing passions and encourage you to try something completely new through our various programmes.

We can’t wait to welcome you to HertSquad.

HertSquad Performance

HertSquad Performance refers to a select number of performance level sports that the University compete in. These sports are: American football, basketball, netball and women’s football. These sports are carefully selected with the sole aim of being competitive at the top end of university sport. Athletes selected into these performance programmes have first class support services and coaching available to them during their time at Herts. Scholarship opportunities for talented athletes are available across different sports to athletes that are willing to compete for the university in British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition.

Find out more about HertSquad Performance.

HertSquad Represent

HertSquad Represent (formally known as the Athletic Union) is a well-established programme which provides opportunities for students to participate and compete in a wide variety of sports whilst studying at the University. With 28 sports clubs to choose from there is something for everyone whether you are an elite/experienced athlete or looking to try something completely new.

The majority of HertSquad Represent clubs compete in the weekly British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition as well other local regional and national competitions/events throughout the year including the annual Varsity event against our rivals, the University of Bedfordshire.

HertSquad Represent clubs offer much more than just playing sport and are committed to delivering an excellent sporting student experience by providing students with a wide range of opportunities to get involved in sport, develop personal skills, celebrate sporting achievements and a chance to develop friendships for life.

Find out more about HertSquad Represent.

HertSquad Compete

HertSquad Compete (formally known as Campus Sport) is the University of Hertfordshire’s campus-based sports programme which provides students with a great social setting to compete with their friends, housemates or course mates against other students in both competitive leagues and tournaments on both College Lane and de Havilland Campus.

Our ever-growing programme runs throughout the academic year, which includes weekly football and netball leagues as well as regular one off competitive tournaments, in a range of sports with prizes awarded to the winners.

We also host one off ‘Get Involved’ sessions prior to our leagues starting for students who are looking to join a team or for captains to recruit some fellow students to join their side. Anyone, irrespective of ability, can take part so round up your friends, housemates or course mates and enter a team.

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HertSquad Active Students

Sport doesn't have to be competitive. HertSquad Active Students is all about having fun, getting active, giving something a go, making new friends and taking a break from studying. The Active Students Programme is totally free and offers over 70 hours of activity across both campuses every week. There is no need to sign-up, just bring your Student ID down to a session and get involved – it's really that simple.

It’s a great way to meet new people, create friendships that will last a lifetime and make the most of your experience whilst studying at the University of Hertfordshire.

Active Students gallery

What the Students say about HertSquad Active Students?

In my opinion, Active Students is one of the best things about student life here at the University of Hertfordshire. Giving students this amazing opportunity for free is unbelievably thoughtful.

2nd year international student studying in the Business School

I love Active Students because it is free and there are so many different things to try from roller-skating to badminton

3rd year student studying in the Creative Arts School

Active Students is a great way to de-stress, take a break from studying and have fun.

2nd year studying in the Engineering and Technology School

See what activities are on offer and find out more about Active Students.