Financial support for Postgraduate UK and EU students

We offer a range of tuition fee discounts and non-repayable scholarships to support our postgraduate students. You can get funding for postgraduate study through studentships, loans, bursaries and grants - you might also get help from your employer.

Take a look at the details below to find out more about financial support, or for more information about why postgraduate study at Herts use the link below.

* T&C's applies – see Herts graduate/alumni discount for details

What to write in a funding personal statement?

In most cases you will need to write a short personal statement detailing your circumstances and describing a little about yourself. You should make sure to read their specifications very carefully for what they want this statement to cover, but these tips are a good place to start:

  • avoid jargon – assume that you’re writing for a well-educated audience without a background in your discipline. Try not to use too many technical terms
  • financial situation – explain why you’re in need of support from a charity and what your funding deficit is
  • other support – if you’ve already received an award from a charity, be sure to mention this – it’ll show that you’re committed to financing your studies. Charities often prefer to be part of a support network rather than the sole source of funding for a student
  • tone of voice – be humble but positive about your prospects
  • societal benefits – if your programme will benefit the wider community, mention this in your statement
  • career path – explain what you want to do after you’ve finished your Masters, and how a postgraduate qualification will help you achieve this. Make sure that the charity knows that you’re not simply studying a master’s for the sake of it, but with a tangible destination in mind.

Stay positive

When applying for funding persistence is key: try not to be disheartened by a lack of success and bear in mind that you may end up sending a lot of applications. It’s a good idea to cast your net far and wide, and consider all possible options.

Other funding

There are various other sources of funding available from a variety of sources with more including charities, trusts and societies. If you would like to see the government’s response to support for postgraduate study, please visit the Government website.

Contact us

We strongly recommend checking your entitlement for the loan before registering on your Postgraduate course. You can check your entitlement for a loan on the Government website.

If you need more information or have queries about financial support for Postgraduate students please email us, or call our Student Centre for more advice on fees and funding on +44 (0)1707 284800.