UH Undergraduate Bursary

What is the UH Undergraduate Bursary?

The UH Undergraduate Bursary is a scheme from the University of Hertfordshire, to help our students with the costs associated with going to University.

The £1,000 bursary is for all eligible students who are starting their undergraduate degree with us in September.

The UH Bursary is means tested but you don’t have to apply. The University will be able to identify whether you qualify from your university and student loans company application and will automatically put you forward to receive the funds.

How much is the UH Undergraduate Bursary worth?

The bursary is £1,000 for your first year of your undergraduate programme only.

Your bursary will be given to you in two instalments of £500, in November and March.

You can use the money to help with the costs associated with university, whether that is travel, accommodation or equipment.

UH Undergraduate Bursary eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the bursary you must:

  • be studying a full-time undergraduate course (including our foundation degrees at one of our partnership colleges)
  • live in an area with a low level of progression to university. Check your postcode in our online eligibility tool
  • have a household income of £25,000 or less as assessed by Student Finance England – this will be calculated from your Student Loans Company account, so please ensure you and your parent(s) consent to share so that we are able to see this information
  • be considered a Home/EU fee paying student as assessed by the University.

Please note you will not be eligible for the bursary if:

  • you are transferring from one University of Hertfordshire undergraduate course to another
  • you are joining year two or three of a University of Hertfordshire undergraduate programme after transferring to us from another university
  • you are studying an initial year or year zero programme prior to your full undergraduate degree. You will be eligible for the bursary (subject to the above conditions) once you have completed your initial year or year zero programme and have progressed to year one of your undergraduate degree.

Do I need to apply for the UH Bursary?

No, there is not a separate application process for this bursary. If you are eligible to receive the bursary, we will contact you at the start of term to let you know. In order to receive payment, you will need to complete our disbursement form. Please ensure both you and your parents (where applicable) 'consent to share' your information with the Student Loans Company.

Any questions?

Contact our Student Centre for more advice on fees and funding.

Phone: +44 (0)1707 284800

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