AMGEN Biotech Experience

Microbiology Experiment

The Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) is designed to enrich biology learning and teaching, particularly at A level and key stage 4, through the experience and excitement of real-world bioscience. It provides, free to schools:

  • CPD for biology teachers and school science technicians, followed by
  • loan of research-grade lab equipment so that students can explore methods that scientists use to create biotechnology medicines
  • detailed teacher and student guides
  • hands-on molecular biology student activities mapped to GCSE and A level specifications
  • activities suitable for key stage 3 students
  • teaching approaches that can help students to understand how biotechnology impacts on people's lives.

The ABE programme is international. Each year more than 90,000 students participate. University of Hertfordshire coordinates the UK programme. The three UK hubs are located in Cambridge, Norwich and Hatfield, Herts. Kit loan and CPD takes place at the three hubs.

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CPD 2021 feedback

We welcome your feedback on the CPD as it helps to improve the programme. If you attended CPD and have not given your feedback yet, here is the link for you to do so.