How to write a nomination

Top tips for a successful nomination

  • Give yourself enough time to write the nomination - don't leave it to the last minute.
  • Choose the most appropriate category for your nomination - read the award descriptions carefully before selecting the category for your nomination.
  • State clearly - at the beginning or your nomination - why you think your nominee deserves to win. You can reiterate this at the end of your nomination as well.
  • Back up your reasons with examples and evidence of why your nominee deserves to win.
  • Submit your nomination to just one category - putting the same nomination into multiple categories will not improve your nominees' chances of winning a prize.
  • Get your nomination in on time!

Nominating yourself or canvassing support amongst your colleagues and friends is against both the rules and the spirit of these awards.

Make your nomination count

To give your chosen candidate the best chance of winning a Vice-Chancellor’s Award, think about what you want to say when you write your nomination. Remember to outline the reason for your nomination, what your candidate has achieved and why you think this person should win.

Here are a few examples* of nominations that have been submitted in the past:

* Examples are adapted from actual nominations. All names have been changed for the purpose of providing examples.