Marketing and Communications

Welcome to a department that challenges convention, drives innovation and always puts our students first.

Marketing and Communications is a dynamic and diverse department, offering a variety of roles that work together to promote the University's activities.

Comprised of multiple teams guided by the same mission, we lead strategic and tactical activities to help raise the University's profile with our audiences, connect with our global alumni community and ultimately inspire potential students to study at Herts. We also organise large-scale events that showcase the exciting opportunities we offer at Herts.

The work we do seeks to enhance our diverse community and support the competitive positioning of the University, nationally and internationally.

Teams within Marketing and Communications:

Our team is truly diverse. We offer roles suited to many skill sets, from creative, technical to managerial. We employ talented people across the whole marketing and communications department, including roles affiliated to events, administration, creative services and web development.

Our goal is to realise your potential by providing fantastic opportunities that enrich your abilities and advance your career. We offer full time roles within the department from UH4 up to management, actively encouraging progression and supporting professional development.

In line with the University's ethos, we promote flexible working arrangements including part-time work and remote working. The Marketing and Communications department is a varied, fast-paced and productive environment but we still know how to have fun, making it a great place to begin the next chapter of your career.