Strategic Programme - Research

Research Operational Plan 2015-20

Supporting a research rich environment that informs our teaching by:

  1. Developing a dynamic environment and pervasive research culture where research contributes to learning and teaching at all levels.
  2. Focusing research activities within six University-wide Research Themes to enhance the collaborative, multidisciplinary and collegiate approach to research delivery in order to further build our reputation.
  3. Allocating University resources against agreed research centre and group delivery plans which address the six Research Themes to ensure we continue to sustain and grow research of the highest calibre.
  4. All academic staff developing a personal research or scholarship plan with achievable objectives which is included in their appraisal.
  5. All new academic staff appointments should have the potential and aspiration to undertake research and/or scholarship.
  6. Assisting existing academic staff who wish to re-engage or become research active to undertake a professional doctorate or PhD, the latter which could be carried out by publication.

Fostering and strengthening research with global partners by:

  1. Encouraging academic staff (through their personal research objectives) to maximise the collaborative research activities they undertake with international partners leading to high quality joint outputs.
  2. Encouraging and supporting academic staff to apply for international collaborative research funding within Europe, the USA and globally.  Success in income generation being a significant contributor to promotion for those whose substantive promotional case is based on their research contribution.
  3. Encouraging academic staff to be involved in the organisation, chairing and hosting of leading international conferences and other high profile events.
  4. Undertaking the widest possible international trawl for all new academic staff appointments to obtain the best talent and using video-conferencing media such as Skype to facilitate the process.

Creating and developing innovative ideas, products and processes by:

  1. Encouraging all academic staff, through their personal research objectives, to innovate and to maximise the exploitable value and research impact of their research or scholarship.
  2. Providing both support and appropriate incentives for academic staff to produce and exploit the outputs of their research.
  3. The delivery of social, cultural and/or economic research impact being a consideration in the promotion process for research active academic staff with particular reference to the significance and reach of the impact produced.
  4. Encouraging and facilitating the wide dissemination of research in the appropriate formats and media to maximise both its reach and uptake.

Developing world-class leaders in education, research, business and the professions by:

  1. Giving our research students high-quality supervision and an excellent student experience.
  2. Delivering robust processes and practices through the Doctoral College to support and promote efficient and successful research degree outcomes.
  3. Providing excellent researcher development and research leadership programmes which equip our research students and early career researchers with the transferable skills most sought after by employers, together with the confidence and ability to be successful in a wide range of leadership roles.
  4. Nurturing research students and early research staff to foster the next generation of researchers.
  5. Continuing to support and develop our specialist professional doctorate provision to cater for the leadership and management needs of private, public and not-for-profit organisations.