Document Management System

The DMS is a LIS service that provides shared access to a predefined file structure designed around research projects. To this end, folders are provided for designing and planning, finance, administration, data, and reporting where extra security is inherent in consent, data collection, and personnel sub-folders.

Advantages of using DMS

Why should you use the DMS? Because it's all set up and waiting for your project now you've got your award. The DMS features:

  • external access for you and your collaborators on and off site
  • all documents changes are auditable
  • built in version control
  • scanning straight in to specified folders
  • file structure in place immediately (see below for details)
  • consistent structure for all projects
  • more control for the PI
  • more secure in general with additional granular security
  • document reporting
  • full text search
  • automatic retention and preservation
  • device independent with fast web interface
  • backed up by LIS

If you're still not sure if the DMS is right for your project, check out our DMS FAQ. 

How do you use DMS?

The Document Management System is accessible through the web interface. Log into using your UH staff ID and password if you already have access.  Otherwise you will need to request access from the RDM project team at

You navigate through the folders using the left hand file listing similar to the Windows explorer folder tree. In order to use the drag and drop function, you need to change your browser settings. Consult our Document Management System Guide for more information on these settings and more advance features.

The DMS project file structure

View a sample folder structure for a research project (PDF - 0.19 Mb)