University storage

The University of Hertfordshire provides networked storage for all members of staff as well as Research Storage for schools and research groups.

User storage

Every member of staff is allocated a personal storage area – a U: drive – which is accessible using Novell on a University networked machine. Novell is easy to use and already installed on many Windows machines. If you have admin rights to your computer, you can install it yourself. 

Mac users can access the shared drives using the direct address (details available from the HelpDesk). On Linux machines, Novell can affect vital server connection settings so you will need to install a Windows Virtual Machine and then use Novell within it. Opting for a Windows Virtual Machine also means that you can access your University mail using Outlook, which enables Outlook calendar and meeting organisation functions.  

Your University networked drives can also be accessed through the internet via the University of Hertfordshire WebPortal. It is however, easier to edit and organise your research files using Novell on your machine. Full instructions for accessing these drives using Novell, as well as your University email and Athens journal access, including off campus settings, on a windows machine are included in the Remote Access Guide.

Research storage

The University also has shared storage areas available for research groups. If your research group:

  • deals with sensitive data which should not be accessible to everyone in your research school
  • includes members of University of Hertfordshire from other research schools
  • includes external collaborators who have been granted visitor rights

We recommend that you request the Document Management System or a Research Drive for your group, both of which are independent of the school drives. The principal investigator (PI), who should be a member of University staff, will need to contact the LIS HelpDesk with contact and affiliation information for each member that will need access to the shared storage using the Request Storage form. 

External collaborators that require access must first be approved as visiting members. This can be done using the External Membership Form that should be passed to the HelpDesk. 

School drives

The University provides shared working areas for research schools which are accessible to all members including authorised visitors from other institutes. These drives are available via Novell and StaffStore.

Document Management System (DMS)

The DMS offers a shared storage area with a pre-defined folder structure, which is consistent for all projects. Members have access to various directories whose content is managed with version control, automatic retention and full text search abilities. Directories for personnel information and CVs, and for consent information have additional security making them accessible to a subset of the team only.  Additional features include scanning straight to designated folders and full audit of actions. Primary access to the DMS is through a web interface so access is device independent.  Find out more about DMS.

Research drives

The research drive storage at the University of Hertfordshire has a flexible structure that can be used without formal training. You will need to use Novell or the web based StaffStore to access the drive, which will be allocated 20 GB of storage but may be expanded later if the storage can be justified. This storage space can be accessed easily from within the Univeristy and from off campus by University staff and visiting members alike.