Sharing data

Sharing data with your collaborators and colleagues is a vital part of research. Making sure that it is shared securely is therefore of upmost importance and using the following methods will assure that your data is not put at more risk than necessary.

How to share with collaborators

Sharing data is essential to collaborative research but it must be done securely. This is particularly true of sensitive data, which should be secure whilst in storage, whilst being analysed, and when shared. If you are sharing small files less than 20 MB in size, then you can easily email them to your collaborator. If your data is much larger than this, you can send it securely using the University exchangefile.

However, if you are planning a long season of sharing and editing data, you should consider shared access to a storage space. There are a number of University resources available to staff at the University of Hertfordshire which we recommend you use to share data with the University and with collaborators.

University shared storage

Each School of research at the University has a designated shared Research Drive where members of the research group can share data. If you are collaborating with colleagues in other departments within the University, you need to request a project area on the Document Management System (DMS) or an independent Research Drive for your group where access is limited to members of the University that are selected by you. Collaborators outside of the University can be assigned visitor status so that they can also access these drives. See University Storage for advice and procedures.

Cloud Storage

When sharing via cloud storage, various companies and governments have access and rights to your data, which breach the University of Hertfordshire data policy. So when you choose the best method for sharing your data you need to make sure that:

  • your data is encrypted to keep any sensitive data safe
  • you read the T&C and use them to your advantage
  • you use services that provide EU based storage

We do not recommend using cloud storage - University Storage (DMS and Research Drives) are more secure and easily accessible - however, we have compared popular cloud storage for individual use in our Cloud Storage Comparison document.