Remote access

The University has in place a number of tools that allow you to work off campus while accessing all of your emails, storage, and University services. As many of the services are optimised for Windows, setting up a Virtual Machine is advised to gain access to these services on Mac and Linux machines.

On site access

On site, your emails are easily viewed in MS Outlook, Linux email clients such as alpine or mutt, and using the Mac Email Tool. On a windows machine connected to the staff network, you can view all of the drives that you have access to in a windows explorer window. You can also access University services via a gateway on Studynet or through the Univeristy of Hertfordshire WebPortal. 

Off campus access

To access the University services, you need to start by activating Network Connect, which allocates your device an IP address on the University network. Many of the University services are available online so activating Network Connect via the University WebPortal is a fast and affective way of gaining access. 

However, for more robust access we recommend that you access the drives directly using Novell. Once you have activated Network Connect through the WebPortal, a java applet will be installed on your machine. This means that next time you want to connect to your drives using Novell, you can activate Network Connect using this applet from your program menu. If you then log into Novell, your personal and shared drives will appear in your drive listing. Step by step instructions can be found in the Remote Access Guide.

University email

You can also access your University email online or set up your device to retrieve your email from the University server. The University of Hertfordshire uses MS Exchange mail to manage your staff email. The details can be found in the properties of your account. The Remote Access Guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up your email on Windows as well as on mobiles and tablets. The server details can also be used to set up Linux and Mac email clients.