While working on your project, you will need to share, store and manage access to your data. The following topics all affect your working data.

University storage

In addition to your departmental computer facilities, the University provides all staff with a personal storage area and research orientated shared drives. Additional storage can be requested for research groups in the form of a research drive or the Document Management System (DMS). Cloud storage can also be considered using guidance compiled by the University of Hertfordshire, but is subject to copyright and policy conflicts. Read more about local storage.

Backing up

You are responsible for your data and this advice on back-up methods and resources will help you keep it safe. The loss of data affects you and your collaborators, and is expensive in both time and money. Find out more about backing up data.

Remote access

How to access your email, storage, and journals from off campus, both online and through the network direct to your personal computer. More about remote access.

Sharing data

All members of University staff can access the shared drive and visitor membership can be requested for external collaborators. Documents can be stored and developed using the DMS. Other sharing methods and their risks are also discussed in this section on sharing data such as the University's exchangefile and cloud-based solutions.


Encrypt your files for sharing and storing sensitive information to keep it safe. Use TrueCrypt to create on-the-fly encryption that can be shared securely between devices and with your collaborators. Password protect your devices, hard-drives, and sensitive files. Read more about security.