RDM toolkit

There are a number of well established University of Hertfordshire facilities and open access tools designed to help you manage your data.

These tools are safe to use with sensitive data, enable sharing with collaborators, and are easy to use on different devices.

University of Hertfordshire DMP template

As Data Management Plans (DMPs) become an essential part of funding applications, many funding bodies provide their own templates. However, you are also obligated to provide a DMP to the University in a stand alone format.

The majority of the content can be migrated across from other DMPonline templates but you need to select the University of Hertfordshire template from the institute listing on the DMPonline website.

A copy of the University DMP should be stored in the University Document Management System (DMS) once funding is received; you need to email dmp@herts.ac.uk with the subject set to "your R1 number - PIs Surname", as this will be used as the file name so that it can be found when needed.

University storage

The University of Hertfordshire provides Networked Research Storage for all members of staff as well as for schools and research groups. These drives can be accessed using Novell on Windows.

If you do not work on a Windows machine, you may need to install a Windows Virtual Machine.

You can also set up a Document Management System (DMS) for all of your project documents and data. These DMS project areas are accessed through a web interface and have a pre-set consistent structure with integrated systems and extra security for sensitive data.

Research archive

The University of Hertfordshire research archive (UHRA) is a catalogue of publications that involve University members. E-prints of these publications are available for download.

The UHRA also includes a data catalogue recording the location of data related to the publications, and where national and international subject repositories are unavailable, the University of Hertfordshire Data Archive can be used to preserve your data.

VeraCrypt encryption

If your data is sensitive, proprietary, awaiting patents, or under political or commercial restrictions, then you need to assure that it cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons deliberately or accidentally. The answer is to encrypt your data, or keep it in an encrypted directory. We recommend that you use VeraCrypt.

VeraCrypt Guide (PPTX - 5.56 Mb)