University policies

The University has a series of agreed policies and regulations (UPRs) relating to research and data management. All University of Hertfordshire UPRs are available on StaffNet, the University intranet.

Data management policy

The University of Hertfordshire's research data policy (UPR IM12 Appendix III) states;

"The University owns data generated by its research; it expects data to be managed and shared in a robust and professional manner; and it places the responsibility for proper research data management with the Principal Investigator". 

While this might imply a proprietary or protectionist tone to the University's data policy, this is not the case. The University's data policy also has the following clauses from the main policy section that counter this impression:

"4.2  The University recognises the value of data as an institutional resource and considers that value to be increased through the widespread and appropriate use of data and by virtue of data quality"

"4.3  The University considers the value of data to be diminished through misuse, misinterpretation, or unnecessary access restrictions." 

So while the University owns the data, you are encouraged to share and reuse your data. 

Other University policies and regulations

There are a number of University Policies and Regulations (UPRs) related to research data management in addition to the Data Policy:

Information management policy

The University is committed to the principle of open access. The Information Management policy (IM02) outlines the University's commitment to open access and maximising the benefits from intellectual assets, as well as many other aspect of information management.

Human participants

The University has strict guidelines for involving human participants in your research which are set out in the Studies involving the use of human participants policy (UPR RE01).

Freedom of information

If your data is requested, you may not have to hand it over immediately or at all. There are exceptions outlined in the Freedom of Information Act (2000). The University also has a FOI policy (IM09) that should also be considered as data is periodically released.