University research archive

The UHRA is the institutional repository at the University of Hertfordshire. It includes an e-print catalogue of publications and a data catalogue as well as an archive of data for University of Hertfordshire project data.

The University of Hertfordshire Research Archive is a DSpace archive that includes the University of Hertfordshire's Research Information System (RIS). The UHRA current stored publication details, but will be expanded to include a catalogue of data and, where needed, a data repository.

Many subjects do not have a subject repository, and those that do may not include archives of tools and research outputs such as tables and CAD files; this data should also be preserved ready for storage in the UHRA Data Archive. 

Data citation

If your data is stored in a subject repository, the metadata and identifier of the dataset should be included in the UHRA as well as the location of this data. If the data is stored in a repository, it may be allocated a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) as a closed dataset. A DOI is a global standard (ISO 26324:2012) which is widely adopted, governed and trusted. Many journals allocate DIOs to publications. They are unique identifiers that will last beyond the lifetime of the project and can be cited with or without a publication. 

Archive metadata

Whereas individual files require metadata to make sense of the file content, archives require metadata so that relevant dataset can be found and reused by the community. The UHRA requires standard metadata in accordance with the creative commons schema (CCO) so the datasets' metadata is openly available even if your data is not; you need to declare the Creator, Title, Publisher (the University of Hertfordshire), and Publication Year although additional metadata is optional. These required metadata fields are free of data type specifics and work in all disciplines and subjects. The metadata is not checked so the accuracy is up to the authors.

If your data is not suitable for open access, or if its very existence can not be advertised, you should not apply for a DOI; you should keep your data private in the UHRA. 

The UHRA applies a handle to your data and publications in the archive, but your publisher may have allocated a DOI already. This metadata should be included as an 'alternative identifier'.