Research staff development

Discover the development opportunities for research staff here at the University.

Research staff training

Research staff at the University of Hertfordshire benefit from a range of development opportunities, from those organised through Human Resources Staff Development programme as well as on the Researcher Development Programme.

Research staff also benefit from:

  • an induction programme at University and School level
  • two appraisals per year organized within their home School
  • access to a mentoring scheme for research staff and sessions on, for example, grant funding, Health and Safety, communication skills, ethics and integrity, equality and diversity, networking, EndNote, impact and research and the challenge of leadership.

The University encourages research staff to take responsibility for their own personal, professional and career development.

Researchers are encouraged to make use of the Researcher Development Framework to carry out a gap analysis of their skills, competencies and attributes and to feed this into the appraisal system so that development support can be discussed and identified.

The staff development programme, organized by HR Development, offers plethora opportunities for research staff to access development on leadership, team working, IT skills, personal transferrable skills, grant funding and ethics and integrity. This is designed to support research staff from their arrival through a progression in their career to experienced research staff, and if necessary in the transition into academic careers.

The University is proud of its EC HR Excellence in Research award as a result of our implementation of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The University participates in the national Career Researcher Online Survey (CROS) and the University's Researcher Development Working Group and Research Committee uses the results of this survey to improve and support our provision for research staff training.