Biodetection against chemical attacks

The Problem

  • Biological warfare is a threat both to troops in combat situations and civilians in public settings; early and rapid detection is critical to save lives
  • Hardware limitations and time constraints required to capture, process and assess potential hazards have long been a constraint.

Our research

  • Designed, developed and optimised a new biodetection system that collects and analyses airborne toxins, bacteria and viruses
  • Applied the same research principles to a new area, developing and commercialising a unique early warning crop protection system in the agricultural industry.

Research Impact

  • Resulted in a ‘significant leap’ forward for the UK’s biowarfare defences
  • Adapted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) into a product suitable for protecting public venues
  • Enabled UK farmers and growers to detect the early signs of crop disease using real-time data to reduce crop loss.