Algorithms for finances and engineering

The Problem

  • Simulating complex, real-life scenarios requires highly accurate and mathematically efficient algorithms
  • Algorithms are often limited by quality of the inputted data, and can be computationally expensive to run for application in the real-world.

Our research

  • Developed ground-breaking algorithms that improve the accuracy of risk calculations for investment banks
  • The same algorithm principles have also been applied to optimise engineering designs
  • Collaborated with Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Ltd to turn our pioneering algorithms into a commercially available resource for banking institutions and engineering firms to utilise.

Research Impact

  • Informed investment decisions and enabled more efficient adherence to financial regulations
  • Resulted in Scotiabank and Danske Bank winning Risk Awards for avoiding millions of pounds of losses during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Enhanced the design of a solar car that finished 6th out of 53 teams in the World Solar Challenge 2019, a 3,022km race through the Australian outback
  • Added new design capabilities for engineers to improve the development of marine infrastructure.


  • Prof Bruce Christianson
  • Prof Uwe Naumann
  • Dr Jan Riehme