A better food system for young and old

Research coordinated by Professor Wendy Wills, director of the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care, is developing a greater understanding of the challenges facing the UK food system and how these challenges influence the food choices - and consequently the health - of potentially vulnerable groups, including young and older people.

The aim of this programme of research is to recommend interventions in the food system that enhance quality of life, deliver better health outcomes and reduce the social and economic burden of diet-related disease.

Improving food shopping for older people

University of Hertfordshire research, funded by the Food Standards Agency and the Economic and Social Research Council, has demonstrated how older people are likely to have a wide range of factors working against them when sourcing and purchasing food.

Through the Food Provision in Later Life study, researchers have identified practical and realistic measures that supermarkets could take to improve the food shopping experience for older people.

Read the research briefing: Improving food shopping for older people (PDF - 0.38 Mb)

Food beyond the school gate

Researchers at University of Hertfordshire are exploring the factors that drive schoolchildren to purchase less healthy food and drink in neighbourhoods around schools during school hours – and what policy makers can do to address this trend.

Read the policy briefing: Healthy eating, healthy learning (PDF - 1.07 Mb). A follow-on study involving schools in London and Hertfordshire is under way.

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