Future of work and the gig economy

Research led by Ursula Huws, Professor of Labour and Globalisation, is investigating the extent and nature of work managed via online platforms like Uber and Deliveroo across Europe – and how employment rights can be protected in increasingly digitalised labour markets.

Policy briefing: A new bill of rights for workers

Findings from a study into the gig economy across Europe strengthen the call for a new bill of rights to protect all workers from rising precarity and a wider ‘platformisation’ of work.

Read: A new bill of rights for all workers, not just those in the gig economy.

Research report: Work in the European Gig Economy

A study by the University of Hertfordshire, with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and UNI Europa, surveyed 17,000 gig economy workers in seven European countries. It identified the proportion of the population using online platforms to secure work, how much income they derive from this source and the characteristics of these workers.

Submissions to public inquiries

The Prime Minister commissioned a review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, led by RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor. Professor Huws gave oral evidence to the Review.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee held an inquiry into self-employment and the gig economy to examine whether the UK welfare system adequately supports the growing numbers of self-employed and gig economy workers. Read the written evidence submitted by Professor Huws.

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