Weight and Obesity Research Group

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  • The Weight and Obesity Research Group is interested in the study of weight and obesity management, eating behaviours and eating disorders.

    This interdisciplinary group brings together researchers from various Schools across the University of Hertfordshire and supports the University’s Food and Health & Wellbeing research themes. The research interests and expertise of group members cover all aspects of weight and obesity identification, prevention, management and treatment from different disciplinary perspectives (including marketing, geography, pharmacy, psychology, public health, sociology and sports science) and professional positions (including primary care, public health, nursing and other allied health professions).

    The group is convened by Dr Samantha Rogers, Research Fellow in Food and Public Health in the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC).

    Group members

    Members of the group are involved in a number of research projects and supervision of PhD projects. Members meet several times a year and collaborate on research funding proposals.