About the Security and Governance Research Group

Based in the School of Humanities, the Security and Governance research group seeks to bring together, promote and develop diverse forms of security research across different fields of study.

Our interdisciplinary approach reflects the need to analyse the diversified, dynamic and cross-cutting security issues which increasingly permeate all areas of political life and governance in a similarly multi-dimensional way and from a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives.

Our members research how the intersection with pressing security issues shapes political discourses and ideas as well as the practice of policy-making in the field of Political Science, Law and Education within and beyond the University of Hertfordshire.

Established in 2017, the research group ties in with the University of Hertfordshire’s interdisciplinary research theme of Information and Security. But it expands the existing expertise on computational security technology by situating the former in a wider context of socio-political securitisation which we seek to analyse critically in its conceptual underpinnings and implications for actors and strategies within British politics, the European Union as well as the wider realm of International Relations.

Our work

Our work includes ‘classical’ topics of political security research such as conflict, violence and peace-building, but we also seek to challenge and go beyond the established range of securitized concerns and narratives. Hence, the research group deliberately adopts a broad and open perspective on security, including human security, particularly for refugees and non-citizens, the governance of environmental and energy issues and sustainable community development.

Doing so, we aim to shine a light on pressing issues faced by 21st century governance and those perspectives on the former which go beyond or are deliberately excluded from contemporary security discourses.

Our aims

  • To promote and communicate research which contributes to our understanding of security.
  • To produce research synergies through collaborative projects, research events and publications on the intersection of political governance with a wide range security issues.
  • To foster interdisciplinary research across the University of Hertfordshire and beyond through the connection to aligned research centres in the UK.
  • To engage with local community and business partners and establish mutually beneficial partnerships for cooperation and knowledge exchange.
  • To establish a strong link between scholarship and teaching on the theme of security and governance which provides students with opportunities to engage with and participate in current research activities.

Research themes

Our research is broad-ranging and deliberately does not presume a particular or fixed conceptualisation of security. However, the research of our members can be grouped into three core themes:

  • Nations, Borders and Territorial Security
  • Understanding Human Security: Norms, Laws and Political Dimensions
  • Governance Beyond Securitisation: Actors, Agency and Path-Dependency in Global Politics


Contact our current chair Hannah Richter for more information about the research group.