Key projects

Liminal Space

Dr. Silvio Carta

The notion of liminal spatiality emerges in the urban environment as a consequence of the use of large datasets in the design process.


Dr. Shaun Borstrock

The modeclix project is the latest leap forward for the fashion industry, developing products that are uniquely customisable and wearable... Read more about modeclix.

Brachial plexus injury

Helen Lansdown

This is an investigation into brachial plexus injury and will initially focus on an arm support.

Crisis Communication

Nick Lovegrove

This publication uses various data-visualisation techniques to critique BP's management of the Deepwater Horizon accident.

The Gorey Groan

Dr. Thomas Cuschieri

Repurposing Gorey: the frontispiece to Edward Gorey's The West Wing gets reworked into an illustration depicting the moment Lord Groan makes his exit, towards the end of Mevyn Peake's Titus Groan. ​Through a series of visual exercises such as this, The Gorey Goran​ aims to examines the connections between style and authorship, and to pose interesting questions about the role of the contemporary book illustrator... Read more about the Gorey Groan.

Spacewear: drape and weightlessnes

Dr. Barbara Brownie & Nicola De Main

This project examines the emerging field of fashion design for space tourism, focusing on how fabric behaves in weightlessness... Read more about Spacewear.

Do Not Re-Cycle: Re-Purposing, Re-Using and Re-Thinking our Re-Cycling

John Beaufoy

Currently only a third of single use plastic packaging is re-cycled and two thirds ends up in landfill. As a means of re-using this material and therefore giving it a longer lifespan and secondary use, I collected 3 months-worth of my own recycling and designed and made products using packaging products as the raw material. The material was used in a number of ways from reusing the whole object to creating products from smaller fabricated sections. The project was a way of exploring and questioning product waste and current design practice whilst attempting to up-value and re-use discarded plastic rather than recycling or reprocessing.

Sample picture: Bottle lamps made from reused bath foam bottles, reclaimed oak and LED lighting strips.