De Stijl and the Future, Between China and Europe

De Stijl and the Future, Between China and Europe, is a project consisting of curated exhibitions and symposia funded by City of Munich, Department of Arts and Culture,

United Art Museum Hubei Wuhan, China and Boxes Art museum Shunde, China. Through exchange and collaboration between European and Chinese abstract artists, the research examines contemporary concrete and abstract art one-hundred years after the foundation of the De Stiyl movement. The resulting exhibitions will tour as part of Rhythm Section. Venues: United Art Museum Hubei Wuhan January to March 2019 followed by Boxes Art museum Shunde, March to April 2019. The project began in 2016 and has been exhibited in Amsterdam at the Reuten gallery and Munich Karen Wimmer Contemporary Art gallery.

CAP Member: Michael Wright (Fine Art)

Start date: 10th Jan 2017
End date:
30th June 2019

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Symposia: United Art Museum and Fine Art Academy Hubei Wuhan January 2019, Boxes Art museum Shunde March 2019 and Painting department Fine Art Academy Guangzhou.