Cosmoscope is an interdisciplinary project led by professor Simeon Nelson and Rob Godman researched and produced in collaboration with an expert team of artists and scientists culminating in a monumental sound and light sculpture. Inspired by historical astronomical instruments and models of the cosmos, it looks at the infinitesimal to the infinite. Like the world with its calamities and ceaseless change, Cosmoscope has order and disorder built in.

Its patterns of light and music intertwine and separate in perpetual evolution giving rise to very small, the human and very large scales sourced from the research into solid-state physics, organic structures, and the large-scale structure of the cosmos. Cosmoscope has been curated into Moonscapes at Watts Gallery and Artist’s Village, 2nd April to 23rd June 2019

In the 50th anniversary year of the first moon landing, this exhibition will explore the fascination that artists and scientists have long had with the earth’s closest cosmic neighbour.

Funded by Watts Gallery and an Impact Grant from the University of Hertfordshire

CAP Member: Prof. Simeon Nelson (Fine Art, Sculpture) Rob Godman (Music)

Start date: 1 April 2019
End date: 23 June 2019

Project partners

Nick Rothwell
Watts Gallery and Artist Village

Related activities

Artist talks and workshops on the themes of Cosmoscope at Watts Gallery. Participants are inspired to reimagine themselves within nature at the midpoint between the smallest and largest scales.

Cosmoscope gallery