Are you saying what I think you are?

A call out for scientists and artists to collaborate on a short film


In partnership with Theorizing Visual Art and Design's (TVAD) January 2021 symposium 'What the world needs now is artists and designers engaging with science', Contemporary Arts Practice Research Group (CAP) will be facilitating the production of a collection of short (up to 3-minutes) Art/Sci collaborative films, animation or sound work.

The aim is collaboration, co-creation, collision of languages, and a chance to articulate your practice in new ways. The project may also serve to spark new collaborations and potential research projects across disciplines within the UH community.

The project will task each collaborative pairing to create a short time-based work that embodies an element of research or research question.

A note on timings: Originally, this initiative was conceived to be presented alongside the TVAD symposium in January 2021, with screenings/performances of both completed work and work in progress. While this is still an aim, and may be possible for some researchers, due to restrictions related to Covid19, it is envisaged that some work may take longer to complete. For this reason, the project will be extended throughout the 2020/21 academic year, with a second set of screenings proposed for June 2021.

For this activity, CAP is also partnering with researchers at Lucerne University (LU), Switzerland, who are running the same project in parallel. Moving forward, there will be an opportunity to connect with LU researchers from both the arts and sciences. Links to follow.

Project Brief

The brief has a very open remit but should adhere to the following criteria. It must:

  • be a collaboration between an arts practice researcher and a science researcher
  • have a brief devised equally between the collaborative partners
  • embody, convey or interpret through creative forms an area of research or research question
  • result in the production of a time-based (moving image, animation, sound work).
  • be uploaded, with a 300 word synopsis, to the CAP One Drive no later than 11 December 2020.

A good starting point, for those who need one, is to consider a brief framed by the phrase 'Cause and Effect'.


30 October 2020CAP Project Website launched.
Monday 1 November 2020Call out to UH Science researchers. Interested parties will visit the project page and connect directly with CAP researcher
1 November - 
15 December 2020
Collaborative pairs work independently to produce the work. University staff working on the project must follow the University's Covid 19 safety regulations, alongside Government guidelines.
15 December 2020DEADLINE
Submission of works, completed or in progress and 300 word synopsis, uploaded to the CAP One Drive.
7 - 9 January 2021Selected works screened and sited on campus in conjunction with the TVAD Festival.