Communities, Young People and Family Lives

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  • The Communities, Young People and Family Lives Research Unit, is a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with research interests broadly addressing aspects of family lives, health and well-being across the life-course.

    We lead and collaborate on research projects addressing understandings of young people’s physical and mental well-being; caring for children with complex needs and, at the other end of the life-course, older people’s care needs and end of life care.

    A key aspect of our work is research exploring the impact of intersectionality particularly relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Newly developing areas of work including researching the family lives of children and young people living in or with difficult circumstances (such as parental separation/parental or sibling serious illness; living with a long term chronic illness). This includes questions of what resources, support and interventions children, young people and their families may draw upon in such circumstances.

    Young people’s mental and physical health

    Family lives

    LGBT older people, care in older age and at the end of life care

    Caring for children with complex needs/conditions

    Food, eating and feeding across the life course

    Public Health and Communities Research

    Unit staff

    Doctoral students

    We supervise students studying a wide range of topics and are happy to talk to you about your research interests. Please contact Dr Lisa Whiting for more details.

    Evie BamigbadeAn exploration of mealtime behaviours, family dynamics and the impact of selective eatingDr Sam Rogers
    Professor Wendy Wills
    Dr Amanda Ludlow
    Claire CarterInfant Sleep, SIDS and the mother-infant dyad: What do health care practitioners know and practice, and what is the mothers’ experience?Professor Kathryn Almack
    Dr Annabel Jay
    Radica HardyalMidwives' role in severe maternal morbidityProfessor Kathryn Almack
    Dr Rosemary Godbold
    Helen HarteHypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Women’s Perspectives on Life During DiagnosisProfessor Kathryn Almack
    Professor Karen Beeton
    Dawn LukkSocio-cultural factors influencing maternal nutrition in Arab Muslim womenProfessor Wendy Wills
    Dr Angela Dickinson
    Jane McClinchyThe effectiveness of nutrition information for patients with type 2 diabetes (SupervisorsDr Angela Dickinson
    Professor Wendy Wills
    Surinder PhullA comparative study of conviviality and family mealtime experiences in Spain and the UKProfessor Wendy Wills
    Dr Angela Dickinson
    Qurrat Ul AinPatient and doctor perceptions of hypertension and its treatment: A qualitative study in urban hospitals of Pakistan Professor Wendy Wills
    Dr Angela Dickinson
    Stella RobertsAn exploration of midwives perspectives on their assessments of women’s needs for information and their influence on choice for place of birth -personalised care or reducing choice based on stereotypesProfessor Kathyrn Almack
    Dr Laura Abbott

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