CRIPACC Current research projects

A Critical Analysis of Weight Loss Dr Sam Murray

ACCESSCare-B- Bereavement Outcomes for LGB (Lesbian, Gay or Bi-Sexual) and Hetrosexual Bereaved Partners: A Population Based, Cross Sectional Mixed Methods Study Professor Kathryn Almack

An Investigation of the Relationships Between Parental Feeding Practices and Eating Disorders of Children with Down's Syndrome Dr Sam Rogers

Creating Dementia Friendly Communities: A policy Evaluation Dr Andrea Mayrhofer

Exercise and Alcohol: Does an Exercise Programme Benefit People Addicted to Alcohol? Professor Wendy Wills

Feeding Practices and Eating Behaviours in Down's Syndrome: Perpectives from Healthcare Professionals Dr Sam Rogers

Gastrostomy Feeding and Psychosocial Support (G-PATH SUPPORT) Dr Gill Craig

Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study (HBSC part 3) Dr Ellen Klemera

How do Dementia Friendly Communities Involve those Further Along the Dementia Trajectory Professor Claire Goodman

INDUCT Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology Professor Frances Bunn

Patient Involvement in Renal Units Dr Julia Jones

Studies in Co-Creating Assisted Living Solutions Dr Jenni Lynch