PhD opportunities in sustainable energy technologies

The Sustainable Energy Technology Research Group offers PhD study opportunities across our areas of research interest. PhD study typically takes 3 to 4 years full-time to complete.

On occasion research studentships are available and these are always advertised on the University jobs webpages and However, we welcome well-qualified and highly-motivated graduates to study with us and have listed below a number of project areas available for self-funded fee-paying research students.

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Areas of study

  • Development of high performance polymer nanocomposites The aim is to develop high performance materials through nano-technology for aerospace and automotive industries. Nano tester, SEM, DMA and the Tribology Suite will be employed for the project.
  • Nano lubricant surface treatment of wind turbine bearings and gears This project aims to develop a novel technology in order to improve the service life of wind turbines. Nano tester, SEM, DMA and the Tribology Suite will be employed for the project.
  • Development of solid hydrogen storage systems This project will need expertise in both nano materials and chemical engineering. The research outcome will promote the application of renewable energy in airspace and automotive engineering.
  • Development of novel wind turbine systems for urban sky scrapers The aim of this project is to provide sustainable renewable energy for an urban area.
  • Smart structures and materials of novel wind turbine blades
  • Development of a new generation of airships for a personal transport The main aim of the work is to develop an absolutely new design of agile, manoeuvrable and small airship for personal transportation.
  • Development of new principles for sustainable propulsion systems for low altitude and stratospheric airships The main aim of this work is to develop several new principles (or combination of principles) to get highly efficient propulsion systems, especially for the high altitude conditions.
  • Small scaled airships as personal flying vehicles Design of solar powered airships is studied in this research at a relatively smaller scale as personal flying vehicles. Particularly, dynamics and control and energy systems are investigated in this design. This project aims to develop a high performance turbine through smart structure/materials for the novel wind turbine systems.
  • Microscopic Investigation of transport phenomena in Fuel cells This project requires skills of a combination of Molecular dynamics & CFD and Fuel cells.
  • Numerical investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer in micro-channels
  • Energy harvesting
  • Low carbon automotive power train technologies
  • Advanced combustion technologies