Sustainable energy technologies


Welcome to the Sustainable Energy Technology Research Group in CER

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The Sustainable Energy Technology Research Group carries out research and development projects in conventional and renewable energy technologies and energy efficient processes.

The research group aims to design, analyse and develop a range of energy technologies to achieve better energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The current research projects include the following thematic main areas:

  • Fuel Cell Design & Manufacturing and Application
  • Wind Energy Technology and Energy Harvesting
  • Tribology of Nanomaterials and Nanofluids
  • Applied Mechanics in thermo-fluids, CFD and FEM
  • Design for Sustainability

The group currently includes four academic members of staff, three research fellows and twelve postgraduate research students. The research work in the group has been supported with grants from the European Union FP7, EPSRC, TSB, EEDA and industry. The group is involved in several international collaborations.

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