Network of excellence in 'Knowledge-Based Multi-Component Materials for Durable and Safe Performance' (KMM)

Lead academic: Dr A Chrysanthou

Investigator: Dr Z Zhang

Funding body: EU under FP6

Funding: €430,000 (total funding €8.1million)

The KMM Network of Excellence (KMM-NoE) is a coherent pan-European structure of 35 institutional partners across 10 countries.

It represents leading European research institutes and University departments, SMEs and large industry in the field of knowledge-based multicomponent materials.

The main goal of the KMM-NoE is to mobilise and concentrate the research and development potential in the KMM field within Europe and to create a durable and efficient mechanism capable of developing leading-edge research.

The network supports a number of research projects, provides training to researchers and disseminates knowledge through the organisation of workshops.

The long-term strategic goal of the KMM-NoE is the establishment of a self-supporting, non-profit, legal organisation, the KMM Virtual Institute which will combine research with educational and training activities. Its strategy will be to solicit contracts for R&D, testing and analysis, consultancy, conferences, workshops, training, book publishing, etc. for its members.

The KMM-NoE is coordinated by the Institute of Fundamental Research, Polish Academy of Sciences and includes members like Imperial College, Polytechnic of Torino, Polytechnic of Milano, EADS, Fiat and others.

The Materials Research Group of the University of Hertfordshire is currently participating in the following research projects within the KMM-NoE:

  • Joining of Ceramics to Metals: New Concepts and Testing
  • New Particulate Aluminium-and Titanium-Matrix Composites Produced by Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis
  • Intermetallics for High, Moderate and Low Temperature Applications
  • Tailoring functionally-graded materials for biological environments