Toxicity of engineered functional nanoparticles

Lead academic: Dr G Ren

Supporting Academic: Dr J Stairs and Dr A Chrysanthou

Research Student: none

Funding: £20,000, RAE International Major Award

Funding body: UK Royal Academy of Engineering

Collaborators: Prof Z Yang, Nankai Univ.; Prof J Oxford and R Allaker, QMUL; Dr P Reip, INL, UK.

Period: 2010 – 2012

Nanomaterial properties differ from those of bulk materials and may  exhibit completely different physical or chemical properties.

Nanomaterials are of great interest in the medical science and  technological fields, while related research and applications are  entering into biosensors, biomaterials, tissue engineering, DNA  modification and drug delivery.

The project will examine the effects of bio-functional nanoparticles  (CuO, Cu, Ag, TiO2, CNT’s) on blood-brain barriers and neuron cells in  the central nervous system through lung inhalation or injection, etc.

This work is a continuation of research on an antimicrobial  nanoparticles project carried out at QMUL sponsored by SEEDA/DTI, UK).

Top image: Animal (Rat) neuron cell’s. Above image:TEM images of nano particle ZnO.