Impact and our work with industry

Our vision is to benefit society, the environment and global economy from world-leading research and innovation which is fit for the future but also technology ready to offer solutions to the immediate needs of industry.

To respond to these important opportunities and challenges we dedicated our efforts in establishing the foundations for excellence and continue growing innovation.

Getting the foundations right we:

  • Collaborate with outstanding HEIs, charities, independent research institutes, the national academies, other stakeholders and our alumni to deliver excellence
  • Use our world-class research and innovation to support UK industry to stay at the cutting edge and explore emerging opportunities
  • Support the development of research and innovation that is accessible, transparent, cooperative and easily transferable to business and enterprise agencies
  • Ensure quality, value for money and sustainability are critical in developing partnerships with those at the front line of research and innovation
  • Build on existing strengths and explore the right opportunities to ensure our research groups work in synergy, provide best practice, innovate and take calculated risks
  • Inspire and sustain current and future research talent and innovators
  • Promote the highest standards of research culture, interdisciplinary and integrity
  • Remain committed to robust monitoring and evaluation of the environment, outputs and impact of our research
  • Generate and exploit impact to support society become enriched, healthier, more resilient and sustainable