European Transport Conference

2016 European Transport Conference

Professor Austin Smyth, Dr Luke Kelleher and Dr Scott Copsey have had four papers accepted between them for presentation at the forthcoming 2016 European Transport Conference taking place in Barcelona, October 5-7 2016.

The four papers to be presented by CSC staff are:

  • ‘Business Location & Sustainable Transport: Developing Improved Tools of the Trade’.
  • ‘State Control of Rail in the UK 20 Years after Privatisation of British Rail: Perspectives on Effectiveness and Efficiency’.
  • ‘EU Rail Reforms and Cross Border Passenger Rail Services - A Paradox?  Developments affecting and Potential Wider Insights from the UK’s First Cross Border Route’.
  • ‘Enhancing rural public transport accessibility through implementing a scan on smart m-ticketing solution’.

2015 European Transport Conference

The invited 2016 papers and presentations follow on from CSC’s contribution to earlier Annual European Transport Conferences including the 2015 European Transport Conference, at which Professor Austin Smyth and Dr Luke Kelleher presented a paper, entitled ‘Returning Public Transport to State Control and Regulation? Evidence on Relative Effectiveness and Efficiency from the UK and Ireland’.

The paper examined the effectiveness of different forms of control and regulation covering public transport provision by benchmarking alternative regimes against each other. The benchmarking work encompasses public transport performance, funding and structure. The paper reviewed evidence on the performance of public transport operators under a variety of control and regulatory arrangements in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, based on a number of secondary data sources. The paper is available at the Annual European Transport (AET) repository.

2014 European Transport Conference

At the 2014 European Transport Conference in Frankfurt, a peer review journal paper co-authored by Professor Austin Smyth and Dr Luke Kelleher presented ‘Perspectives on the Significance of Assessment Tools and Appraisal Frameworks in Approaching Publicly Funded Infrastructure Decisions in Support of Economic Growth: Insight from Ireland's Experience and US and UK Practice’.

The paper, published in Transportation Research Procedia 8 (2015), investigated the significance of assessment tools and appraisal frameworks in approaching publicly funded infrastructure decisions in support of economic growth. The paper tested the hypothesis that the choice of investment appraisal ‘tools’ upon which to base investment decisions has an important bearing on outcomes in terms of wider economic impact and macro-economic performance, as well as transport and travel behaviour. Informed by US literature and with reference to UK experience, the paper offered insights into the role of selected approaches to decisions on investment for securing value for money from scarce public funds in times of austerity. The paper can be accessed at the Science Direct website.

Dr Scott Copsey also had his paper: Implementing Public Transport Smart Ticketing Solutions within a Deregulated Shire Environment - A United Kingdom Case Study Approach selected for presentation at the 2014 European Transport Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. This addressed the challenges posed for adopting smart ticketing technology and specifically its use with smart phones in a deregulated public transport market.

Dr Copsey, Professor Smyth, Sue Walsh from the CSC together with Dr. Maurizio Catulli from the UH Business School and Dr. Richard Southern,  Department of Geography, latterly Head of Department of  Biological and Environmental Sciences, presented their paper on ‘Plugging the Gap? – Addressing Resistance to the Adoption of Electric Vehicles through a University Based E-Car Club: A United Kingdom Case Study Approach’ at the 2014 European Transport Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.