The Environment and Sustainability team

The Team is actively working to make the the County of Hertfordshire a more sustainable place to live and work.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

In 2014 the University was re-credited EcoCampus Platinum and the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard for its Environmental Management System (EMS).

Our EMS provides us with a structured framework to manage our environmental impacts and ensure compliance. We have a programme of objectives, targets and tasks for all our environmental aspects from waste to energy management, and transport to sustainable procurement. This program, alongside the implementation of an annual internal audit schedule, helps us to achieve continual improvement.

Together students, staff and the local community in Hatfield have the power to make a real difference to the world we live in. Find the Environment Team's top ten environmental tips.

Sustainable travel

The University is committed to offering sustainable travel options to, around and from campus. We at the Centre follow its travel plan (PDF - 1.06 Mb) to promote and make available sustainable travel alternatives to the car. Below are some of the campaigns we provide.

Scott Copsey, Transport Planner and Coordinator, is involved with several projects, all of which are contributing to important work in the support of sustainable travel options and can be found in our travel leaflet (PDF - 6.46 Mb).

Research at the Centre along with the University's Environment and Sustainability Policy (PDF - 0.8 Mb) demonstrates our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of travel in Hatfield. These are some of the schemes we support:-