Air quality in cities around the world

Researching the impacts of air pollution

The world and the environment

The importance of research into air pollution and related health issues is high on the European agenda with many different estimates of mortality or morbidity being attributed to air pollution. For example, it is stated by the European Environment Agency (EEA) that approximately 21,400 premature deaths in 2000 could be attributed to elevated ozone levels. A report from the World Health Organization indicates that approximately 348,000 premature deaths in the 25 EU countries are attributable to exposure to particulate matter (PM) and in addition, some 100,000 hospital admissions per year can be attributed to PM exposure.

Our research focuses on the application of science to address health and policy concerns. As part of this research we collaborate closely with a large number of research and user organisations and agencies including the European Commission.

Further information:

Personal exposure assessment through measurement and modelling

Development of air quality assessment models

Analysis and synthesis of air quality and related data for health and policy applications