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Environment and ethos of Philosophy research

Our research ethos is tolerant and pluralistic, reflecting the fact that our areas of strength are diverse and wide ranging, not limited to a single philosophical tradition, school or period.

Their work has opened up new territory and novel ways of thinking about topics of central interest not only to philosophers but also those in other disciplines and outside academia.

Our philosophical investigations require close collaboration with external partners and researchers in other departments and disciplines.

Philosophy research carried out at the University of Hertfordshire is valued beyond the borders of the subject, having gained recognised international professional standing and demonstrated its impact.

A philosophy research seminar in progress.Opportunities for friendly interaction with staff are provided through a range of regular research activities offered by the department of philosophy.

By working closely with researchers engaged in ground-breaking externally funded projects, the department is an intellectually stimulating place to advance the careers of:

  • research students
  • postdoctoral researchers
  • visiting researchers

We offer a broad range of areas of supervision.

Contact the research leader for enquiries about research degrees or about visiting the department.

Research Seminar Dates for Semester A 2018-19

8 October 2018 - Simeon Nelson

29 October 2018 - Teresa Baron

12 November 2018 - Hili Razinsky

19 November 2018 - Jonathan Beale

3 December 2018 - Alison Stone

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